Welcome to Qi Gong

Brought back by David Beaudry from Taoist Masters in China and adapted for modern life, this vitality practice is a gamechanger. 

David will walk you through the fundamentals, step by step, and give you the foundation for a practice that will empower you for a lifetime.

20 Minutes a Day will Improve your Entire Life.

Some of the amazing benefits include:

  • Significantly Lower Stress and Anxiety Levels

  • Increased Energy Levels Throughout the Day

  • Increased Body Awareness and Coordination

  • Improved Immune System Function and Physical Health

  • Deeper Focus and Concentration

  • Deeper Spiritual Connection and Attunement to Energy

Your Guide

  • David Beaudry

    Masters in Medical Qigong (MMQ)

    David Beaudry

    I've spent the past 14 years training extensively with many wisdom traditions and masters, including Wim Hof, Master Zhou and Tenzin Wengyal Ripoche. I've trained with top Olympic boxers Andre Ward and Andre Berto, with youth, police officers, as well as NFL and collegiate athletes. In addition to the Lineages passed on by Dr. Johnson and the IIMQ, other notable spiritual lineages I've studied under include the Tibetan Buddhist Shamanistic tradition, the Dagara tribes of West Africa, as well as the Mayan indigenous teachings from Martin Prechtel. My mission is to integrate ancient teachings in a practical way so we experience and understand healing from both modern science and eastern wisdom.

When You Enroll, You Will Receive :

  • 15 min Mobility and Stress Reliever

    Practice the primal movement patterns that enable you to move through life with greater grace, balance, and flow. Shake off the mental, emotional and energetic stagnation now!

  • 6 Movement Healing Form

    Learn this powerful Medical Qigong form to cleanse, strengthen and harmonize body, mind and emotions. Most importantly you will build that relationship to your Essential Nature.

  • Learn to Enter the Legendary Flow State

    Learn a step by step process to access flow state - where peak performance, healing and creativity happens. A McKinsey study finds that top executives in “flow” are five times more productive than out of it.

This Is Your Moment!

Your Soul is Calling for deeper connection and purpose. Stop looking outside and look within.

I'm Ready

Why Learn Qigong?

This ancient vitality system is your breathwork, your meditation, and your exercise in one.

  • Insane energy levels - WITHOUT relying on coffee or energy drinks

  • Train your body in BOTH physical and emotional fitness - so you can be unshakable in the storm

  • Reconnect to your soul's higher purpose and regain the clarity you've been missing

What People Are Saying

Watch the Incredible Transformations Noble Movement Creates

Easy to Learn. Benefits for a Lifetime.

This training distills the essential components of QiGong. You will have you the knowledge you need to start your life-changing daily practice in under an hour.
Easy to Learn. Benefits for a Lifetime.

Still not Sure?

I am so confident you will love the incredible benefits of QiGong Fundamentals, that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Now is the time to invest in yourself and uplevel your life.
Still not Sure?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu - Taoist Philosopher

The QiGong Fundamentals Course is the first step in a journey that will profoundly change your life, and radically improve the health of your Mind, Body, and Spirit.
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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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