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This ancient vitality system is your breathwork, your meditation, and your exercise in one.

  • Insane energy levels - WITHOUT relying on coffee or energy drinks

  • Train your body in BOTH physical and emotional fitness - so you can be unshakable in the storm

  • Reconnect to your soul's higher purpose and regain the clarity you've been missing

Qigong Mastery Level 1

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Learn a easy and profound series of Qigong movements designed to fundamentally improve all aspects of your life!
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Qigong Mastery Level 1

Easy to Learn, Benefits for a Lifetime

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Easy to Learn, Benefits for a Lifetime

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  • David Beaudry

    Masters in Medical Qigong (MMQ)

    David Beaudry

    I've spent the past 14 years training extensively with many wisdom traditions and masters, including Wim Hof, Master Zhou and Tenzin Wengyal Ripoche. I've trained with top Olympic boxers Andre Ward and Andre Berto, with youth, police officers, as well as NFL and collegiate athletes. In addition to the Lineages passed on by Dr. Johnson and the IIMQ, other notable spiritual lineages I've studied under include the Tibetan Buddhist Shamanistic tradition, the Dagara tribes of West Africa, as well as the Mayan indigenous teachings from Martin Prechtel. My mission is to integrate ancient teachings in a practical way so we experience and understand healing from both modern science and eastern wisdom.

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